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Elm Park students with artist Gregor Kregar celebrating the opening of their collaborative project Dream House Project.

Elm Park students with artist Gregor Kregar celebrating the opening of their collaborative project Dream House Project


Parking for buses and school vans is free of charge.
Arrival and departure zone is at the front, and parking at the rear of gallery.


Food and beverages

Food and beverage facilities are available at the gallery during school visit times. We have a café which sells coffee and food. However, you are welcome to use outdoor areas to eat packced lunches, morning or afternoon teas. Please confirm this with Schools Coordinator at the time of booking.


Gallery Guidelines

Before your visit to Te Tuhi please discuss our gallery guidelines with your class.

  • Keep the art exhibitions clean by not eating or drinking inside
  • Care for artworks by not touching them or running in the gallery
  • Mobile phones can be very distracting, turn them off when in the gallery
  • There may be other visitors in the gallery, keep voices down
  • Contact our Schools Educator if you wish to take photographs or videos in the gallery

Health and Safety Guidelines

Te Tuhi's educator aims to provide a safe environment for students, minimising and managing risks by having clear guidelines in place. Our educator is a registered teacher and meets the guidelines of the professional standards for teachers as set by the New Zealand Teachers Council. Our educator possesses the core competencies required for LEOTC providers.


The safety of LEOTC participants is a shared responsibility between participants and providers of LEOTC. It is Te Tuhi's responsibility to provide competent staff, the required health and safety equipment and the development of a general RAMS form.

Te Tuhi has a health and safety policy and our educator is first aid-trained. Te Tuhi's Health and Safety policies are available upon request. We maintain an Accident Register which is to be completed for all incidents regardless of how minor they are.

All teachers are required to bring a current register when visiting, and it is the responsibility of the teacher to have this accessible at all times.

Te Tuhi is responsible for the safe compliance of the building and fixtures and how the students interact within the Te Tuhi built environment. However all schools and teachers from that school still hold the overall responsibility for the safety for all children within that group.

It is the responsibility of students to adhere to institution and school health and safety guidelines.

Staffing and Supervision

Years 1-4          1:6

Years 5-7          1:7

Years 8-10        1:10

Years 11-13      1:25 

Parents and Helpers

Parent helpers who accompany visiting school groups must remain with the group at all times of the visit.


Risk Analysis Management System

Te Tuhi Risk Analysis Management System (RAMS)

The purpose of risk assessment:

  • To identify all possible hazards
  • To identify measures which will prevent or minimise all possible hazards
  • In the event of harm to anyone, to identify the action which will control and minimise the extent of injury

Download RAMS form

Download Te Tuhi's Risk Analysis Management System (RAMS) form as a handy PDF document:

Download RAMS form (40Kb PDF)

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