Talkart Years 10–13

Curriculum Links: Visual Arts
Cost: Free

Year 10–13 students practise and expand their art vocabulary within gallery contexts by completing group activities and presenting ideas and opinions appropriate to the students’ subject and level. The diversity of art approaches in Te Tuhi’s exhibitions are ideal for Level 2/3 students.

For more details on particular exhibitions please click here or contact email hidden; JavaScript is required or phone 577 0138.

Key competencies


Students will use creative and critical thinking to make sense of the information, experiences and ideas explored in the classroom and the art gallery environments. This will help foster intellectual curiosity by asking and answering questions, and challenging the basis of assumptions and perceptions.

Using language, symbols and texts

Students will draw out meaning from artworks in the gallery and use spoken, visual and written language to respond to the art. They will recognise different forms of representation and become familiar with specialised art language.

Students will interact and share ideas with others in the classroom, gallery or studio. They will listen to others and their ideas and experience a shared learning environment. 

Participating and contributing

Participate in the community by visiting the gallery and contribute to the learning experience by sharing their responses to artworks and the ideas they explore.

Managing self

Reflect on their own identity and environment through varied responses to artworks. Act appropriately in the gallery and studio environments.